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Uncategorized Nov 10, 2020


How To Make 6 Figures a Year in 2021

5 Steps to Take Your Income to $100,000+ a year in your business


There are many ways you can make six figures, but I want to start with the foundation that every single entrepreneur and business owner needs to do in order to grow and scale their business and that is mindset and self-development routine. This is the most important strategy you need in order to be able to make six figures a year and if that is your goal, then keep watching as I explain everything I have done to make well over $100,000 a year in my business.


Take Notes on this (if you have a business journal use that)
If you don’t have one yet make one for yourself because every entrepreneur has a journal to write down notes, ideas, and learnings to look back on, and I’m going to share with you what I had to do, that so many other successful entrepreneurs who are making over six figures a year have done, in order to start and scale their income...

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How to Create 30 Days of Content Fast


Are you struggling with figuring out what to post on social media?

Whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or even Pinterest, I know that you are because that is usually the number one struggle of all of my student's, clients, and even just anyone that follows me on social media.

I always get hit up in the DMs with the question of "Sam, "I don't know what to post?", "How do I figure it out?"

Today, you're going to learn my P & S Method of how to sit down and in one session, plan out 30 days, 3 months, even a year of content (if you are really good at brain dumping) and here it is!

What you need:

A piece of paper and on that paper, you're going to make two columns.

Draw a bar at the top, line down the middle, and on one side label it P on the other S, so the P stands for Problem. The S for Solution. (watch the video for demo).

Now sit-down and do a brain dump of all the problems and struggles that your ideal client has now.

It is very important to keep...

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How To Launch A Profitable Online Offer


Today, let's talk all about launching your offer.

When I say the word offer, I am referring to your program, your course, your service, a product that offers anything that you're presenting to the online space where you are looking for customers, students, clients, buyers, etc.

So when I use the word offer, it entails all of those things. 

Today I'm going to breakdown the two ways that I see people launching offers. One of the ways is extremely successful, profitable, you're going to make money, you're going to get amazing students or clients or customers and the other way that I see people do it over and over again, fail miserably...

They spend so much time on creating an offer that doesn't sell anything or they make such little money that they basically go into debt creating the offer because they spent way too much time investing into creation, but their launch flops.

So I want to go over these two ways (one good and one bad)

If you're currently launching a program or...

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