Launch Your Online Business Accelerator

The Online Business Program to Help Entrepreneurs Create, Plan, and Launch Your Online Offer.


It's time to launch your online business, enroll your dream clients and grow your bank account - ON YOUR TIME! 

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program upon enrollment.

No Drip Feed. No Waiting for A Start Date. Go at your own pace for YOUR SCHEDULE!


Hey You!


My fellow entrepreneur, online hustler, doing-all-the-things to grow a personal brand online and online business in todays crisis situation...


I know how you are currently feeling...


I know you've opted-into all the freebie downloads,  taken the free masterclasses, watched all the youtube videos, and maybe even bought a course (or two or THREE!), but your online business is more like aN online money-draining hobby...

You’re frustrated because you’re posting your best stuff and no one is buying your offers!

You’re overwhelmed with all the time you need to spend on social media thinking "shouldn't I be a millionaire by now?!"

You’re tired of seeing others kill it with launches and post testimonials of their clients and customers, when you’re struggling to get anyone to even download your free lead magnet!

I can totally relate!

But first, lemmmme guess...

  • You have a killer idea for an online offer (a course, a program, digital product or service) but you have no idea where to start when it comes to creation or delivery or how to sell it?
  • You’ve downloaded every freebie and attended multiple masterclasses teaching you how to launch your online offer, but you just can’t seem to figure out how you too can have a profitable launch?
  • You feel anxious about launching your online program because you’re afraid no one will enroll, or maybe you’ve tried in the past and nobody did so you’re afraid to try again, but want to?
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the things you think you have to do when it comes to launching - the tech, the setup, the systems, the content and you have no idea where to start?  (PS… I make this so simple, your grandma could do it!)
  • You’ve tried launching an online offer before (like a program, course, digital product or service), promoted it, created content, but nobody bought it, and you have no idea what to do to make sure that doesn't happen again?

If you just answered yes to any of those questions, this program is for you!


Hi, I'm Samantha!

I get you, because I've totally been in your shoes!

For YEARS I struggled figuring out a system online that WORKED! 

I spent countless hours (and thousands of dollars) on building websites, creating social media content, writing captions, trying to sell products and services...

I downloaded hundred's of freebies and watched months worth of free masterclasses, but I just couldn't make anything work for my business!

... and it all left me exhausted, defeated, and pretty much broke.

Then everything changed.


I finally decided to invest in myself, and into my business by enrolling into a business coaching program.

That's all that I needed to take my business from broke to six-figures!

I literally went from flopped launches that left me exhausted with nothing to show for it to actually $5K, then $10K then $100K launches that came effortlessly!

I now show up daily on social media excited and am able to give even more to my community because I have a simple to follow launch strategy when it's launch time!

When I invested into my personal and business development is when everything click for me to scale my online business to six-figure revenue! 

Ahhhh... and THIS is exactly why you're here! I'm about to share it with you on this page...


Launch Your Online Business Accelerator

This online business program for entrepreneurs will take you from feeling overwhelmed and broke to confident and earning $5K+ with your next online launch!


✔  Identify your Ideal Client and where they spend their time; if you are trying to speak to everyone, you speak to no one!

✔  Pick the perfect offer that has your audience throwing money at you. 

✔ Set Up and Create - get all your content, emails, sales pages and funnels ready to go so you can just show up during launch week and focus on serving your people!

✔  Execute the 90 Day Accelerator Launch Strategy strategy (exclusively taught inside the LYOBA).

✔ Go all in effortlessly and confidently (without desperation) & make bank during your launch week! 


PLUS, You get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program upon enrollment.

No Drip Feed. No Waiting for A Start Date. Go at your own pace for YOUR SCHEDULE!

Just imagine, 90 days from now, you could be enjoying the rewards of a $5k, $10k, or $50k+ launch in your bank account!


Inside Launch Your Online Business Accelerator, you’ll receive everything you need to create, plan and execute your launch.  

Here's what you get:

Instant Access!

Upon enrollment, you have access to the entire program! No drip feed! No waiting for a start date! You are your business, so you control your schedule! Go as fast through the program as you want - or if you need to take things slow, you have lifetime access so it's always ready to pick up where you left off!

Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Samantha Kozuch

Each week you will get live coaching with me where I will answer all of your questions about your offer, launch plan, social media and sales strategy.

Calls start in January 2021.

Online Business Suite

Membership to video trainings, tutorials, swipe files and downloads to help support your learning and enable you to create a killer online offer and have a seamless and profitable online launch.

PS. You get life-time access to this!

Cha-Ching Email & Sales Page Swipe Files

You get my high converting email and sales page swipe files so you never have to get stuck writing a sales email or sales page copy from scratch ever again!

Social Media Strategy

Get free access to over a months worth of Social Media Post Templates for Canva + Sales Scripts for IG Stories & IGTV videos.

Private Facebook Community Access

This is where we take learning and implementation to the next level. You will be able to share what you are working on and get feedback from me and the rest of the participats in the program - think of it a free Research & Development team in your back pocket!

  • Ready to take action and follow a proven step-by-step system without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or confused.
  • Tired of having to work so hard to stand out, get attention and get clients.

  • Not interested in wasting time or money on services, technologies and DIY-ing tasks that aren’t necessary.

  • Wanting to do this launch thing right - You are an action taker! You’re done sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have profitable launches!

  • Excited, ready, but also nervous, to take the leap to propel your business forward!



One Payment

Instant Access to the Program

Online Business Suite with 80+ step-by-step training videos

Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with Samantha

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Custom 90 Day Launch Plan




$350 down

and 5 x $350 monthly payments

Instant Access to the Program

Online Business Suite with 80+ step-by-step training videos

Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls with Samantha

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Custom 90 Day Launch Plan


  • BONUS EARLY BIRD OFFER: Enroll before December 15, 2020, and you will get a FREE 60-minute 1:1 Coaching + Strategy Zoom Call with Samantha Kozuch to use at any time throughout the program.
  • BONUS INSTAGRAM TEMPLATES & SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY BUNDLE: Get free access to over a months worth of Social Media Post Templates and IGTV Covers + scripts for Instagram Stories & IGTV videos.
  • SALES EMAIL SWIPE FILES: Struggle with writing email sales copy? Not anymore with this bundle package!
  • 90 DAY LAUNCH CALENDAR CHECKLIST AND CHECKLIST: Relax throughout your launch knowing that you are on track and have everything in place!

Hear what it's like working with Samantha from a few of her students... 

Kate O. // @Kate.Obert

"I highly recommend Samantha for any business coaching at all! She is incredible! If you're at the point where you needing to put some systems into your business and figuring out lead generation and money making launch where I've already 3x my income with her and we are JUST GETTING STARTED! Hire her as your coach! All of my online business systems are in place, which I am so excited about and now my business is growing!"


Pat S. // @SocialFitnessMedia

“I just launched today - I had 44 people register! Being able to get sales for my coaching calls BEFORE launching my program - I literally didn’t even have to have a sales call with these people! They literally just texted me and said “hey, let’s do this! Let’s work together!” and I was like “what! This is crazy!” - So I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this course has been, how thankful I am, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone launch!”

Summer B.

"This course have given me confidence to deliver my message and my truth to my followers. I have had more engagement on my Instagram stories than ever before. This course have been really amazing and really great and I couldn't be more thankful and more grateful for Samantha then I am right now. I am just looking so forward to continuing this journey and just growing and growing and growing! And Samantha you showed me that I can!"


I know you’ve dreamt of or tasted some success...

And I know you like how it feels.

BUT you’re ready for SO MUCH MORE.

And you stop yourself just when you know you shouldn’t…

And I know you’ve done all the free stuff and all tried out a few programs out there with little to no success...

And I definitely know you get so frustrated seeing others ‘killing it’ online and sometimes you wonder if you should just give up…


You’re super ambitious and know deep in your core you’re ready for more!

I believe you are ready to create, plan and have a profitable launch - AND I want to help!



In case you need to hear from a few more of Samantha's students... 

Chelsea P. // @Chelsea_Plumb

“Before I started working with Sam, I had helped other companies to build and launch their own marketing strategies and programs, but for some reason when it came to launching my own, I was having such a hard time finding the discipline and motivation to put it all together. After watching her trainings for a while… I knew I had to sign up for her program.

I lost my job due to Corona Virus… and I literally used my unemployment money to pay for her program. I knew that this opportunity to work with her and change my future was absolutely worth it.

Sam’s program is awesome, I highly recommend her as a coach!”


Asijá B. // @Bessiesfootprints

"Before this program I knew NOTHING about starting a biz; I had an idea and I knew I’d learn a lot in this program. I’m celebrating just designing the program and going through all the logistical steps to set myself up for my launch. I am so forever grateful to you Samantha Kozuch. I slid in the DMs after hearing you on a podcast, in like April, and now fast forward you’ve taught me so much so thank you so much!!! 💜"

Dalia L. // @TheDaliaLoc

"I took a leap of faith when I found out about this course, because at the time, in the middle of a pandemic... I decided to pray about it, and over time I was like, you know what, If i didn't do this now, I'm never going to do this... I knew that I had to do this, do this, and do that, but I had no idea how to do it! I was able to slowly put it together, but I finally developed my lead magnet, I finally developed and am creating my email list, I was able to make my landing pages! I am so grateful for Sam and this course and highly recommend it!"


Jennifer M. // @JenniferMalaszczuk

"Samantha is a true social media and marketing expert! She literally knows the ins and outs of social and is an expert at building online businesses!! I’m literally blown away all that I have learned. I am a makeup artist/beauty influencer and I’m definitely into sales but I didn’t know much when it came to tech! I can no longer claim that because Samantha provides me with all the tools I need to learn!  She is extremely detailed and thorough and provide you with tons of videos to walk you through everything. Even when I needed more help, she went over everything with me on our calls so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I know have taught my first online master class, created a freebie for my ig (along with email sequences) and now I’m on my way to creating a beauty course! I’m so excited  to learn all the tech and structure that goes into that! Sam is super sweet and never makes you feel uncomfortable for asking anything. She’s always so accommodating and I would refer her to anyone looking to build their online businesses!"

Hmm, I can tell you still have a question.

Is it one of these?  

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