About Samantha Kozuch

Hi, Welcome!

I’m Samantha Kozuch, a social media expert, and online business coach.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and built multiple online six-figure businesses including a video production company, personal brand as a fitness influencer, a business coach and run an entrepreneur mastermind with online coaching programs. I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business owners use social media to create and launch a profitable offer that includes programs, courses, services or products.

I'm really just a girl with big dreams, a MacBook, an iPhone & wifi that JUST WENT FOR IT!

But, let’s rewind back to the beginning, because I wasn’t always a six-figure online business owner… In fact, it took me way longer than I like to admit to get to this level and that’s exactly what I want my students to avoid! But I learned a lot of lessons and that’s what I believe makes me such a great teacher that I am today.

When I decided to go against my parents' wishes in college and not go to med school and take a year to “figure out my life”, I immediately had a fire under my ass like no other. And side note, I’m also the first generation of immigrant parents. I knew they were disappointed and I quickly had to figure out a way to make money (it was the unspoken rule that I was cut off from financial assistance after college).

Already knowing that the corporate life was not for me after a few college jobs working for bosses I despised and being told when I could and couldn’t vacation I happily entered the world of entrepreneurship - during a time when it wasn’t “cool” to be an entrepreneur I have to add! It was actually looked down upon, like a loser with no job… in the late 2000’s it wasn’t cool how Gary Vee makes it today!


While I was in college, Instagram launched, and I had already been on Myspace and Facebook so this was just another app I started dabbling in. I loved to work out and I was also modeling and acting at the time so naturally, those images made it to my feed. Over a few years of posting, people were starting to take notice and started asking me for programs and “how-to” videos - they wanted more information on workouts and how to do them, and Instagram didn’t have much of a platform for videos yet, so I launched a Youtube account.


Slowly over the course of a few years, I had brands reaching out to me to send me their fitness clothing (all before the word influencer was ever coined). Between posting on Instagram and making workout videos for youtube, I had built a personal brand as a fitness influencer. Very quickly I was making $1k, then $3k, then sometimes up to $10k per month with influencer contracts and sponsorships along with selling my own training programs! I had an online business. And many took notice.


Almost 2 years ago, when Influencers are everywhere and in a world where people either loved them or hated them, many newbies were coming to me and now asking me how I got brand collaborations and sponsorships… and it was getting to a point where I was getting more personal branding and business questions then fitness questions… and at the same time I was honestly burnt out with fitness and no longer loved shooting workout videos every time I went to the gym or posing in another sports bra or bikini outfit… I was out of alignment and my audience spoke to me.


I listened to my audience and decided to take a chance on creating a course for influencers… would anyone buy it? And sure enough, they did. They loved it. I loved teaching it. And it was so fulfilling that I was still helping people achieve their goals, but now instead of their health, it was with their bank account.


That’s when the pivot began. From being a Fitness Influencer to an Online Business Coach.


It wasn’t pretty. It was excruciating actually.


I went from getting thousands of likes and comments on posts to barely 50 some days. The sports bra and bikini pics started disappearing from my feed and so did my followers. I felt embarrassed. I contemplated if I was doing the right thing. Should I just go back to being a fitness influencer because apparently no one liked my business advice (pun intended).


But my intuition told me to keep going. That I was on the right path. 


If you don’t already know, I am also all about the woo-woo; the crystals, the sage, the law of attraction and tapping into the wisdom of my spiritual guides and abundance techniques.


By truly tapping into my inner guidance, my teachers appeared because I had signaled to the universe that I was ready. I immediately hired my first business coach, which helped me generate my first $5k month with my online program and then invested into a mastermind and then the second mastermind which totaled in over $50K in one year… which then led me to 10X my income to over $100K in my first year of online coaching programs. This soon led me to be asked to speak on stages and at masterminds, interview on over 50 podcasts and coach on online summits.


I have built the online business that I have today because I worked on my mindset, used LOA tools and my Maniscripting™ Method to create a vision for what I wanted and then took action every day to build the life of my dreams. I will teach you how to do this too!


Being in alignment with my businesses and brands that I work with is the key to my success, and whenever I was no longer feeling in alignment is when I knew it was time to shift gears and that is why I decided to close down my 6-figure video production company and broke thousands of dollars worth of influencer contracts with popular brands and exited the fitness scene to go all-in on business coaching.


Helping other entrepreneurs and influencers build their online business and influencer presence FIRES ME UP! I had many ups and downs as an influencer and wanted to share these insider secrets with others who were struggling in the space.


I’m passionate about helping influencers and entrepreneurs think beyond their follower numbers' and monetize their social media accounts through my Build Your Online Business Accelerator Program. My coaching programs and business mastermind consist of "soul and goal" strategies that incorporate mindset tools including the Maniscripting™ Method paired with business strategies to help my students build their personal brand, grow their online business and increase their bank account all while in alignment!


I share my journey with you so that you too can be empowered to achieve your goals.

AND PS. I personally hate having my time wasted with fluff and BS when it comes to learning… I’m all about “TEACH ME, GIVE ME IMPLEMENTABLE STEPS, AND LET’S GO!” coaching style…


Because at the end of the day, I know you want to have a flourishing online business AND money flowing into the bank, but also know you want to have time for yourself, your family, your friends, your fun… I know your time is precious, so my coaching and programs are structured in a way where you learn and implement business strategies fast! 


AND FYI... when you work with me, we get straight to the point! I put on my blue-blocking “boss-b!tc$” glasses as my boyfriend likes to call them, and when they’re on we are getting straight down to business to build out the online business of your dreams.


If you’re up for that - I know we will achieve great results together and I cannot wait to get to know you and your business goals inside my coaching program!


If you can dream it, you can have it, girl - it’s that powerful mix of woo-woo mentality and business boss action!