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πŸ“₯Downloadable Scripts and Templates for each day

πŸ“„Done for you fill-in-the-blank scripts to help you share your stories and posts in the most engaging and compelling way

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Learn how to nurture and "train" your audience to engage and buy from you on Instagram!

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Tutorial Videos + Downloadable Workbook Scripts Include:

🌟Day 1: Introduce Yourself on Instagram and positioning yourself as the expert

🌟Day 2: Struggles & Solutions

🌟Day 3: Become A Teacher

🌟Day 4: The Invitation Method 

🌟Day 5: How to Offer Your Service In a Non-Sleazy and Salesy Way 

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Build Your Online Personal Brand!

Use these scripts to launch and establish yourself as the expert in your niche! If you already have a personal brand, *insert Jay-Z voice* "Allow me to reintroduce myself", use this challenge to remind your followers who you are and why they follow you!

Endless Amounts of Content Ideas!

If you have no idea what to post, suffer from "posting anxiety", or just want a better plan and strategy for your Instagram feed - you'll get it inside the challenge!

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If you're not getting immediate engagement on your posts and stories - it's impossible to grow! You'll learn how to get your followers engaging on every post you make!

Hi! I’m Samantha Kozuch and here's a quick background on me and why I created this scripting guide and videos. 

In a nutshell, I put off med school, started posting more on Instagram, became a fitness influencer, listened to my audience, pivoted into a business coach, and over the last 10 years I built multiple 6-figure online businesses. Now I teach entrepreneurs, just like you, to do the same.

Idk about you, but I personally hate having my time wasted with fluff and BS when it comes to learning… so I reflect that in my “TEACH YOU, TAKE ACTION, IMPLEMENT STRATEGIES, AND LET’S BUILD AN EMPIRE!” coaching style…I know you want to have an impactful online business AND money flowing into the bank ASAP, but you also want to have time for yourself, your family, friends, and fun (tequila and travel maybe?)…

So, if you can dream it, you can have it - and it’s the power of setting your intention, visualizing your abundance and taking action like a boss to build your online business empire! *Que Doja Cat Boss Bitch Song* and let's get started - I'll see you inside!



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